Brazco Manufacturing

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Brazco offers a wide range of metal joining products in the form of foil, wire, or rods. Minimum foil thickness is 0,05mm with a maximum width of 130mm. Custom ordered sizes are also available. Strip material is packed either in loose coils or on spools, starting at 1,5mm width.

Minimum wire diameter is 0,20mm and for fixed length rods, 1,0mm. We supply both round and shaped rods. We offer wire in a variety of tempers, including CHQ (cold heading quality).

Examples of other products available from Brazco Manufacturing:

  • trifoil (trimet) strip
  • clad wire
  • silver alloy grain, Hi-Temp binders
  • sputtering targets
  • fine silver powder, spheres
  • brazing preforms
  • silver alloy tubes